25 April 2013

Home sweet home!

So, I wrote (the majority of) a blog post about my family coming to visit me here in Tarragona whilst I was at home in England and I'm now writing about me visiting family and friends at home in England from here in Tarragona! My Mam always said I was a bit backwards. She even once went as far as to say that she thinks I was swapped at birth. Cheers Ma, it's not like we look exactly the same or anything. Accept your weird offspring as they are!

Anyway, I spent a lovely eleven or so days dossing about my old house in the student haven that is Heaton (it hasn't changed at all - it still smells like boys and cigarettes!), looking after various people's dogs, playing with Donny the turtle (I think I've fallen in love with him), getting absolutely trashed for my friend Jo's birthday and then again for the Newcastle vs. Sunderland derby (I can't believe we lost!), visiting my baby cousin, eating takeaways (we got desserts delivered. DESSERTS. DELIVERED guys), Sunday dinners and all manner of British biscuits that you can't buy anywhere else in Europe. I am happy but my waistline is not.

I didn't manage to record most of my stay at home on my camera because I am forgetful and was too excited about seeing people to remember to take it anywhere with me, but I did catch some moments from the last two days when we visited Kielder Forest (which is such a nice place for somewhere that's practically on our doorstep!) for a day and also took a few quick snapshots of the area I live in. This will be quite a long photo dump so boil the kettle and sit back and relax as you scroll through!



Visiting home made me realise how much I really do miss every bit of it (even the weather, funnily enough) and, although I'm going to make the most of and enjoy my last couple of months here in Tarragona, I can't wait to go home and begin thinking about moving in with Paul and start going places with my friends from back home again. I've already booked my flight. 

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