26 July 2012

J'ai trouvé de logement!

A couple of weeks ago I was having a mild panic attack (full-blown hissy fit) about not having anywhere to go once I arrive in France. I'd managed to line up a couple of emergency plan B's such as couch surfing (if I was feeling brave) and/or staying in the only reasonably-priced youth hostel I could find in Aix-en-Provence (there, may be more, I didn't look that extensively), the Auberge de Jeunesse du Jas de Bouffan, but, ideally, I wanted somewhere where I could just put my heavy baggage down and not have to worry about it for another five months.

Anyway, after having many a sleepless night tossing and turning, worrying about possibly having to make a last-minute decision about finding somewhere to stay when I arrived at Marseille airport and ending up in a Taken-style situation with no Liam Neeson to come after me, I got into contact with a lovely woman renting out one of the rooms in her apartment. This is it:

It's funny because, of all of the rooms and apartments I have looked at over the past few weeks, this is the only one I can actually see myself living in. I think it's because it looks so clean and crisp, so I could really make it feel like mine with a few photographs and my own bedsheets etc. There's even a little cat under the bed if you look closely enough! The rest of the apartment looks beautiful, and my room is €400 a month cc (which stands for charges comprises - everything such as gas, water, electricity and internet included) and I only have to clean my own room and buy my own food. I think this is quite a good deal considering the cost of living in the South of France is quite expensive. 

To find this deal I went through a number of websites:
Those above are mainly to find a colocation - where you opt to live with another person or group of people. However, I always found myself returning to the site appartager.com, the first one I had registered with. There is also an English version of this website (easyroommate.com) to find rooms in England and a Spanish one (easypiso.com). There are new properties/rooms added almost every day and you can guarantee that at least one of the ones listed will match your requirements almost perfectly, like the one I found. 

For those of you who are looking for student accomodation in French halls, I don't have much information about them but I can provide a few websites for you to look at:
And for those of you who are a little more brave than I, take a look at Gareth's post about back-packing it across England and France to get to the same destination. He also has a fantastic post here about travelling across the channel on a shoe-string. 


So, that's my accommodation sorted. The only things left to organise now are flights, travel insurance and student finance. I'm starting to get more excited than apprehensive about the whole thing now and I'm sleeping a lot better than I was a couple of weeks ago. Trust me: when people say "it will work out fine" - it will work out fine. 

à bientôt!//¡hasta luego!
Carey xo


  1. Congratulations darling! I've taken a room in halls. 155€ a month, it's a pretty basic little affair, but hoping I can make it homely too.

    I'm essentially going to spend the money I save on travelling and saving up for stuff :P

    1. I'm jealous that you found one so cheap! But, I didn't apply for halls so I suppose that's my own fault.

      I really want to travel, too, so I'm hoping against hope my savings/student loan will stretch that far. Our Erasmus grant (once we get it) covers almost all of my rent for my room, so that'll take a load off.

      If I don't get to do any travelling in France, I think I'll be able to in Spain at least.