19 April 2012

Progress... ?

I speak entirely for myself when I say this, but I'm not sure if what we have accomplished so far in organising our year abroad can be called progress of any sort since we literally, so far, have nowhere to live and have not even been in touch with any of our destination universities. It is now nearing the end of April and, with only 4.5 months left to organise everything, Sunderland University seems as unhelpful as ever. I suppose, though, with things like this you just have to wait and leave a lot of it until the last moment. I'm hoping the loose ends will tie themselves together in the end. So, a bit about my "progress":

The only thing that has been sorted, for me, is money. I've applied for student finance already (way back in January) and the only difficult thing I've come across is having to provide evidence that I will be going abroad. If you will be embarking upon a year abroad, you will need to get your university to write a letter stating that you will be going abroad for [period of time] to [these places]. Your university will have no problem doing this and then, like the evidence you supplied for your parents' incomes, you will forward the letter to the student finance company.

As for the Erasmus grant, I am so far confused as to what is happening. I presume that because I provided my Erasmus rep, Emma, with my details that she'll be sorting that out on her end. If you're at Sunderland University, Emma is the best person to ask about anything administration-y. If not, your university should also have an Erasmus student representative, just enquire about it.

I've been told by others who have been/are currently on their year abroad that savings are also a bonus, so, unlike I have, I would suggest starting to save as soon as you know that you will be going abroad as part of your course. Do as I say, not as I do.

I have made a list of provisional subjects that I would really like to study at l'Université de Provence. I have yet to review them with my year abroad tutor, but they are as follows:
  • Spanish
  • Spanish Literature and Civilisations
  • Catalan
  • Classics - Beginner's Greek
  • Philosophy of Human Sciences
  • Erasmus Translation (still not sure what this is... )
I'm hoping that there's no pre-requisites to what I've chosen to study and that my tutor at university will agree that they're good subjects to be studying abroad. I've also begun my online application to the university, so that they actually know that I'm coming in September, but again I need to run it by my tutor before I can do much else.

I'd like to welcome a couple of fellow bloggers to my blog roll.

The first of which is Andy who is currently on the final stretch of his year abroad in Tarragona. He has been nothing but helpful when I've bombarded him with questions about what I should do about accommodation/money/life in general and he has visited so many places whilst he's been abroad so his blog is that of a true traveller!

The other I would like to draw your attention to is Gareth, a uni pal and somebody who will be sharing the first half of this big scary experience with me in Aix-en-Provence before he does one and buggers off to Koblenz in Germany. (I also copied his idea in my previous post to show the journey I will follow on my year abroad! Credit to him.)


I will update you all soon with more "progress" and anything interesting in my finds!

à bientôt!//¡hasta luego!
Carey xo

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