28 February 2012

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A polyglot is someone with a high degree of proficiency in several languages. A bilingual person can speak two languages fluently, whereas a trilingual three; above that the term multilingual may be used.

Now, currently, I am only trilingual in that I speak English, French and Castilian Spanish. However, I chose the name "travels of a polyglot" for this blog because during my time in Spain, I will also be required to learn Catalan, because I will be living in Tarragona in Catalonia. I also chose the name "travels of a polyglot" because I really, really, really like the word polyglot.


So, this is me, and this August I will be throwing all status quo to the wind and embarking upon the big scary/exciting/wonderful prospect that is... THE YEAR ABROAD. As far as I'm aware, there are no blogs which have been produced by former Sunderland University year abroad students, so me and my classmates are pretty much "going it alone" on the organisation front. Therefore, to make it less painful for you lot, the main purpose of this blog will be to inform you of the organisation process, anything that I feel is important enough to stress and news of the actual year abroad itself.

The image above shows the route I will take on my year abroad, firstly spending 5 -6 months in Aix-en-Provence in France, then another 5 - 6 months in Tarragona in Spain.

As this blog develops, I will include: a list of links that you may find useful when organising accommodation, an email address which you can use to contact me with any questions/suggestions for this blog, Sunderland University-specific posts regarding the organisation process on the English/Sunderland University side of things, and advice about finances and, of course and above all, news about my year abroad adventures.

I will aim to update this blog once a week, perhaps less depending on how busy I am with university work (I have a LOT to be getting on with at the moment) and will absolutely try my hardest to include every little detail that I can in order to help you future european explorers.

à bientôt!//¡hasta luego!
Carey xo

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